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Synod Assembly Update for April 20, 2020

Easter Greetings, dear Friends! “Listen! God is calling!” God continually calls us in all circumstances to pray, to praise and to proclaim our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your patience with me in getting details for the 2020 South Carolina Synod Assembly sorted out, and allowing time for the Synod Council and Office of the Bishop to make the best decisions possible under the unusual circumstances we are all experiencing this spring season with COVID19.

The 2020 SC Synod Assembly will be postponed until Saturday, July 25, 2020.

We are blessed to have the opportunity to meet at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church (119 North Church Street) Lexington. We are very grateful to Pastor Pat Riddle and Pastor Jason Antley and the congregation of St. Stephen’s for working with us and welcoming us for this event. I have learned that this will be the 7th time St. Stephen’s has served as the host location for a South Carolina Synod Assembly. We look forward to being there in July.

All information about the assembly can be found on our website, including the link to the new registration. We regret that we have to ask you all to register a second time, but we know the change in dates can mean a change in availability for some to participate, and it also means different fees. We felt that the easiest way to handle these changes is to refund all fees to those of you who registered for the May Assembly and start with a clean slate by asking everyone to register for the July event. Our Synod Staff have been faithfully working with me to update the details for this event so that you can have the smoothest transition possible with the changes, but if you have questions please feel free to reach out to us for assistance. I have been told that all reservations for the May assembly at the Spring Hill Suites are cancelled. However, if you wish you may call to cancel your own reservation just to be sure.

There are a couple of things that I feel may be helpful for you to know about this assembly:

  1. The focus of agenda items will be on the election of Bishop and General Elections.
  2. The process for the Election of our Bishop is the same as what we have historically done for both Bishop and Vice President with an Ecclesiastical Ballot, however the time frame in between agenda items has been collapsed.
  3. We encourage everyone to review the Orientation to Assembly Power Point on our website so that you are familiar with the election process and what to expect at this Assembly.
  4. During the time allotted for ballot counters to do their work we will continue with other items of business on our agenda.
  5. In addition to elections we look forward to worship, lunch, dinner and special presentations.
  6. We are postponing the celebration of Bishop Yoos’ retirement until a later date (TBA) this fall.
  7. All registration is done online. Please register in advance. Registration closes July 13th.

Finally, as a special treat we are asking each congregation to bring one plate of one dozen homemade cookies to be shared during our afternoon snack time. You can drop these off in the Social Hall when you arrive.

We continue to pray for each of you; for your health and wellbeing and for the powerful presence of the Risen Christ Jesus to be made known to you and through you each day. Please look at our website for all the details.

Pastor Ginny Aebischer, Assistant to the Bishop and Assembly Manager

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