2017-2018 LCY Calendar

2017-2018 LCY Calendar

Upcoming Youth Events

11th & 12th Grade Winter Retreat @ Coastal Retreat Center, 2/16-18 ($95 per youth registrant)
Individual Registration – http://scsynod.us/lcy1112wr
Group RSVP – http://scsynod.us/lcy1112wrgroup

Middle School Winter Retreat @ Camp Kinard, 3/16-18 — Adult Group Available ($95 per person)
Individual Registration – http://scsynod.us/lcymswr
Group RSVP – http://scsynod.us/lcymswrgroup

Spring into Action @ Camp Kinard, 4/20-22 ($95 per person)
Individual Registration – http://scsynod.us/lcyspring
Group RSVP – http://scsynod.us/lcyspringgroup

LCY Convention @ Newberry College, 6/15-17 — Adult Groups Available ($150 per person, $175 after May 15)
Individual Registration – http://scsynod.us/lcyconvention
Group RSVP – http://scsynod.us/lcyconventiongroup

Camp HUGG @ Camp Kinard, 7/15-20 ($95 per youth registrant)
Individual Registration – http://scsynod.us/lcybbcamp
Group RSVP – http://scsynod.us/lcybbcampgroup

Bridge Building Camp @ Camp Kinard, 7/22-27 ($95 per youth registrant)
Individual Registration – http://scsynod.us/lcycamphugg

Hand in Hand – TBA
Individual Registration – http://scsynod.us/lcyhih
Group RSVP – http://scsynod.us/lcyhihgroup

Club 345 – TBA
Individual Registration – http://scsynod.us/lcyclub345
Group RSVP – http://scsynod.us/lcyclub345group

9th & 10th Grade Winter Retreat – TBA
Individual Registration – http://scsynod.us/lcy910wr
Group RSVP – http://scsynod.us/lcy910wrgroup

All of our registrations are available online! Individual Registrations are for parents or youth to register for events. Group RSVP forms are for leaders of youth to reserve the number of spots needed for their groups if they know ahead of time. Everyone still needs to register.

Each year, the Medical Form needs to be completed only once as long as information is current. Here’s the link for that form: http://scsynod.us/lcymedicalinfo

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email Rev. Eric Wolf at eric@scsynod.com. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Baptized Chapter One: Grace

Baptized Chapter One: Grace

Forms and Documents

Executive Nomination – http://scsynod.us/lcynomination

Chaplain Application – http://scsynod.us/lcychaplain

Medical Form – http://scsynod.us/lcymedicalinfo

Youth Leadership Application – http://scsynod.us/lcyleadershipinterest

Adult Leadership Application – http://scsynod.us/lcyadultinterest

LCY Evaluation – http://scsynod.us/lcy-eval

Volunteer Authorization For Release of Background Information

Volunteer Authorization For Release of Background Information

LCY Resolution Against Racial Injustice

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Resolution Against Racial Injustice was passed by the Voting Members of the 2015 Annual Convention of the Lutheran Church Youth of the South Carolina Synod, ELCA this 20th day of June by unanimous decision.

Pastor Pledge Letter

Pastor Pledge Letter

Youth Leader Pledge Letter

Youth Leader Pledge Letter

Youth Ministry Flyer & Pledge

Youth Ministry Flyer & Pledge

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Youth Blog

GraceWorks is July 16-21, 2017

South Carolina Synod youth and adults are invited to register for the fourth annual GraceWorks week of service July 16-21. The week kicks off with a Sunday night program and then runs 9-5 Monday through Friday with worship, service, learning and fellowship as together we put our hands to use for God’s work!

A Place for Growth

By The Rev. Eric Wolf

“Don’t let them pigeonhole you into youth ministry!” advised a seminary professor as we prepared for internship. What that professor meant was, “You’ll be doing many different roles in your ministry, so insist on getting a wider experience than working with one group in your internship congregation.” What a lot of us heard was, “Youth ministry isn’t really pastoral ministry.”

March is for Youth Ministry – Freed to Hear!

The Event (6th Grade) – March 18-19
Being in 6th Grade can be hard because it’s a year of transition. This is on the same weekend as the 7th & 8th Grade Winter Retreat, and begins on Saturday (information on the registration and RSVP forms). We will be using the same theme as that retreat! The Event @ Camp Kinard, 3/18-19 cost is $60 per person.

South Carolina Lutheran Church Youth is…

ministry by, with and for youth

helping youth to know and share God’s love in Christ

making connections that will last a lifetime!

Find out more!

Contact the South Carolina Synod’s Assistant to the Bishop, Rev. Eric Wolf. Call him at 803.509-8326, or e-mail eric@scsynod.com.

Our Call as the Church of TODAY…

We are called, young and old, to be the Body of Christ together. In baptism we receive God’s Spirit, through which we are empowered to answer that call. Together we can do so much more than we can individually. Together, let us share God’s love with all the world! Together we can make a difference!

The purpose of the South Carolina Synod Lutheran Church Youth organization is to be a community in Christ…Rooted in God’s love…Hearing God’s voice…Acting as God’s hands.

To be an adult volunteer for these events, please contact Pastor Eric Wolf at eric@scsynod.com. Also, you will need to download and complete the background check release form.

In community we learn and grow…

Winter Retreats are offered each year for three age groups: 7th/8th, 9th/10th and 11th/12th graders, focusing on issues of faith formation through large and small group activities.

An annual LCY Convention/Gathering brings the statewide Youth organization together each June at Newberry College to conduct business, learn about their calling as a part of the Body of Christ and celebrate life together.

Bridge-Building Camp enables youth and older adults to spend a week sharing and building relationships with each other in the summertime.

Camp HUGG pairs youth staff with special needs youth for a week of day-camp activities.

Hand in Hand/Spring into Action weekend servant events call youth to learn and serve as Christ served.

Conference Gatherings: Steering Committees made up of youth and adults from the 6 LCY Conferences —Coastal, Midlands, Saxe-Gotha (Lexington area), Western, Heartland (Chapin north to Clinton) and Piedmont (upstate)— plan and promote two events per year for youth in their geographic areas.

Club 345 is designed for upper elementary youth to gather for a day of fun, fellowship and a faith-enriching program.

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