Mission Endowment Fund

The South Carolina Synod established a Synod Mission Endowment Fund at the 2003 Synod Assembly. Initial funding for the fund came from the estate of The Rev. and Mrs. John H. Koch. This fund is intended to grow through investments and additional gifts. In compliance with the guidelines adopted by the 2003 Synod Assembly, “no more than five percent of the Mission Endowment Fund may be distributed in any given year, and of this amount, up to fifty percent may be granted for mission development within the South Carolina Synod and up to fifty percent may be granted for special expressions of God’s love in the world.” These grants shall not be used to support ongoing operating expenses of the Synod or any other entity. Grant applications will be accepted between July 1 and August 1 of each calendar year. The Grant Committee will review these applications and make their recommendations by October 1. These recommendations will be reported to the Synod Council for their approval. Applications may be submitted by South Carolina Synod (ELCA) institutions, congregations, ministry teams, committees, and organizations.

Proposed Format Cover Page:

  1. State the name of the institution, congregation, ministry team, committee or organization making the request.
  2. State the Grant Title, and indicate the purpose of the grant (Mission Development or Special Expression of God’s Love).
  3. Summarize the ministry need or opportunity the project will address, total cost of the project, and the amount requested from the Mission Endowment Grant.
  4. Supply the name of the payee and address to expedite processing of funded grants.

Additional Pages: (Please address the following areas using no more than two pages.)

  1. State the project objectives in measurable terms. Objectives are the anticipated outcomes of the project, and will be used when evaluating the project.
  2. State the method of implementation for the project.

Project budget Other Information: Additional support material may be provided as deemed necessary by the grant applicant.

  1. Current financial statements including operating budget (include sources of financial support for your organization)
  2. IRS tax letter for organizations not affiliated with the SC Synod or ELCA
  3. List of current leadership
  4. Commitment letters for collaborative efforts

The completed Grant Application should be mailed to: South Carolina Synod-ELCA Attention: Mission Endowment Fund 1003 Richland Street Columbia, SC 29201

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