What is Stewardship?

We are woven together, members and congregations of the ELCA. Our many stories are part of a larger story. It is a story of generosity and faith. Small towns, large suburbs, congregations young and old coming together, God’s work. Our hands.

How do we respond, as stewards of all that God has given us, to his generosity? Please use this page as a sort of online bulletin board of ideas and resources that might help. Please check back from time to time to see what’s been added! To get you started, click the blue links below.

Here is a wealth of Stewardship resources from Luther Seminary.

Read Ron Walrath’s “Top Ten Reasons Why I Tithe.”

Take a look at the Stewardship of Life Website.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Tithe

– by Ron Walrath, Executive Director of Development
Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary
Columbia, South Carolina

  1. It feels good to tithe. Seriously, I get to give until it feels good instead of until it hurts.
  2. No one forces me to tithe.
  3. Tithing teaches me the difference between my needs and my wants. Most of the wants have evaporated!
  4. Tithing makes me feel as if I am being faithful in the small things. Remember the parable of the talents?
  5. I enjoy seeing the fruits of my tithe in the work of the church.
  6. Tithing helps me talk about stewardship with confidence and conviction. I can talk about what it has done in my own life and not make anything up.
  7. Because I want to respond to God’s gift of grace.
  8. Through tithing, God changes my heart.
  9. Tithing helps me live out my baptismal promises as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  10. Everything that has been entrusted to my care belongs to God.

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