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Updates from the Southwestern Diocese of Tanzania Team

SHE SHED: A Wheat and Water Project helping the Uwanji and Safwa Women of the Southwestern Diocese of Tanzania.

The ladies of the SWD of Tanzania need help with their farming practices.

Currently the women are farming with hand tools. Due to the loss of their wheat source these ladies are attempting to cultivate the wheat by hand. This is a very cumbersome practice resulting in a loss of crop. This irrigation and agricultural project will enhance the farming practices that will increase the crop production and food security.

Irrigation Project

The irrigation project will provide a reliable water suppy for crop irrigation, domestic use at the diocese headquarters and the Magoye Lutheran Health Center. Piping will be 4.5 miles and provide irrigation for 15 acres of farm land. The estimate cost of this part of the project is $37,000.

FARM Project

The equipment included in the project includes: tractor, plough thresher, trailer, Potato attachments, Rice/wheat reaper, and Cultivator.

A small shed will be built to store the equipment and a farm hand will be hired to oversee the equipment. The cost includes building, taxes and shipment costs. The estimated cost of this part of the project is $60,000.

Make donations payable to:

South Carolina Synod-She Shed
1003 Richland Street
Columbia, SC 29201

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