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New Americans welcomed by King of Glory, N. Myrtle Beach

By Becky Hubley
King of Glory, North Myrtle Beach

The New American that we helped with has arrived after a 9-day delay!!!

He arrived at the airport last night at 10:30pm and will be staying in a hotel in Conway until they have a permanent place available. There are several families already waiting at the hotel that are also from the Central African Republic.

Some other great news I learned from Donna, the new Outreach Coordinator, is that his brother will be arriving on Friday! Their room has two full beds with a fridge, microwave, and hot plate. The hotel also offers a free breakfast each morning and has an outdoor pool.

We had little time to pull this one off as our meeting was on April 1st and we had 8 days till his expected arrival. We also had a low turnout at the meeting but everyone who was there helped to make this happen.

I could not be more pleased and prouder!

Mary, shopped at the last minute for more towels for the bathroom kit that she completed, there are now plenty for both gentlemen. She found the perfect masculine decor, Including a shower curtain, bathmat, as well as lots of other items.

Tarri, made another grocery store run to replace all the perishable items from her last shopping trip. She also rode along with my hubby and me to deliver and unpack the items into the hotel room in Conway, with the help of the Outreach Coordinator.

David, and I made a culinary appropriate meal of Hala fish and rice and beans big enough to feed him and his brother. We added some chocolate chip cookies for a sweet taste of the USA. David also shopped for a lot of kitchen tools and a shampoo that he knows is best for their hair type.

Gayle, completed the cleaning and household supply kit, with everything they need for their laundry, cleaning, and kitchen supplies as well a mop, broom and dustpan and so much more.

My sweet neighbor who wants to be anonymous, helped me purchase the lions share of the dining and cooking kits. These items will give them absolutely everything they need to prepare meals.

“Do small things with great Love.”

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