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South Carolina Lutheran Church Youth Volunteer


The South Carolina Lutheran Church Youth are alive and well. The SCLCY is made up of youth from all over the state. In November, about 50 youth and adults worked hard to clear a lot of brush and trees at Camp Kinard at their Hand in Hand service event. Entire trees were even taken down. It is incredible at how hard those young people worked. The night before the work happened, there was a lesson in Tools 101 to give instruction on handling tools that are sharp. The amazing thing is that some of the youth would finish a task and look for another.

In December, the first Camp Light took place at Redeemer in Lexington. Camp Light was an opportunity for SCLCY to experience both Camp HUGG (Helping Under God’s Grace) and Bridge Building Camp in a single day. Campers from HUGG (special needs teenagers) joined Lutheran youth for a morning of fun. There were songs, skits, and crafts. In the summer, HUGG lasts for one week and Camp GIFT, which is for older special needs young adults, is done in two sessions. These camps are the passion of Bill Newmyer.

The HUGG campers and LCY traveled to the Heritage at Lowman Home to visit residents. There were more songs sung along with more skits, and Christmas cards with ornaments decorated by the HUGG campers were given to Lowman residents. Bridge Building is a week long inter-generational camp that pairs up youth and seniors. Playing volleyball while seated is always a favorite.

The SCLCY will have retreats in January, February, and April for ninth and tenth graders, eleventh and twelfth graders, and middle school youth, respectively. In March, there will be Spring Into Action for eighth through twelfth graders will where another community service day take place.

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