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A New Innovation of the use of Christograms

The new innovation of the use of symbols of faith in celebration of Christmas began in 2017.  Retired pastor Luther Swicegood decided to construct large symbols to be hung from the exterior wall of residence or mounted to a stake in he ground etc. As Chrismon have decorated trees inside our buildings  Christograms-  now gigantic  ornaments may be displayed outside –in the church’s  scattered dimension families may share the light in the world, Ornaments may range  from 2×5  to 7 by 3 ft.  Most popular has been the chi rho, anchor cross and the fish.THERE ARE TWO MODLES – WIRE AND WOOD. Most materials for either may be purchased at home bld. Supply stores and dollar stores and on line.

Construction for wire model is fence wire (2×4} and cage wire (1×1} – comes in  roll -makes many ornaments.  Use cage wire to cut circular pieces.  Strings of lights are laced to perimeter of frame, golden tinsel garlands are attached.  Cable ties are used for attachments.  Tools for wire models are wire cutters and pliers or power tools. Howard Leonard an engineer in Greenville, SC originated the model made of a wooden frame.  Materials for this model include cutting shape from1/2 in plywood with sabre of scroll saw.  After sanding paint with primer sealer, then paint with flat white house paint.  Bore holes for lights 2-4 inches apart.. The Lutheran Men’s Group at St. Michael Church in Greenville, SC took orders for ornaments and sold 60 for ministries in he community,  An equal number and models and wood were made. 

Christograms may be made in a group setting or by an individual at home.   They are fun to make and make good gifts for others. Anyone desiring more detail may contact Pastor Swicegood at

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