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What’s new in 2021 Building a Culture of Generosity?

Stewardship opportunity: What’s new in 2021 Building a Culture of Generosity?  Mike Ward, leader, addresses the question:

“The simple answer is that we have redone 7 of the 9 videos. They are all updated content and some tweaks were made in presentation. They were all shortened. All the documents are new for this year.  Some content remained very similar while other content changed dramatically. The Zoom meetings will all be new and totally contextual for what we are experiencing.  I think this year is going to require more personalization in the stewardship drive, primarily through cottage gatherings and other face to face events.  What people will get by attending again (or for the first time) isn’t as much about new content for me as it is about continued accountability.  People will also get context from around the country.  The Zoom meetings allow me to share what we are experiencing in other congregations and non-profits and help relate that to the stewardship drive happening now.   For instance, right now most congregations are still experiencing families with children not really engaged.  Figuring out that engagement prior to and during the stewardship drive will have implications for the success we have this year. We are finding many congregations are too busy to tell the impact stories and need to be held accountable to focus on those.  Some are doing them sporadically, and now need to move to making it a more uniform story instead of occasional. Anyway, BCG will help as it did last year.  Even if a congregation doesn’t need new content, they need to ask if they need help understanding the context we are living in and how to adjust to it.”

If you are interested in joining other congregations participating in Building a Culture of Generosity (BCG) in 2021, a registration form is attached to secure a place in the 2021 series of BCG sessions. Registration is now open. A link to a recorded video with Mike Ward, leader, previewing BCG in 2021, is attached. BCG will launch on August 16 with three meeting times, morning, afternoon and evening offered for participants. For more information contact

Rev. Ozzie Herlong, Director for Stewardship

South Carolina Synod of the ELCA

Cell: 803-360-1877 or Email:

Beginning a Culture of Generosity – fall 2021 flyer

Beginning a Culture of Generosity – Fall 2021 flyer.

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