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Synod Organization Announcement

By Synod Vice President Lexanne Graves

As we who are the disciples of the South Carolina Synod Join Neighbors, Serve Boldly, and Love ALL through Christ, please join me in welcoming and appreciating this year’s Table Conveners within our synod organization.

With these conveners’ compassionate leadership gifts, our synods mission and vision will continue to positively impact our neighbors, our lay persons, and our rostered ministers.  These persons are charged with invigorating the leaders in each of our Networks and Task Forces, ensuring that we are asking the right questions in order to discern where the Spirit is leading us.  This takes intentionality, dedication, and the ability to be still and listen to what God is calling us to be about. 

We all know the past 18 months have been uncharacteristically challenging, so it is incumbent upon us to be listening to the needs of our communities and to shift focus as the Spirit wills and leads.

So, through asking questions like these here, we will pray, ask, seek, and listen to ways we might meet the needs of God’s People here in South Carolina.  These questions might push us out of our comfort zones, might call us to dwell in God’s Word to discern next steps, and they might nudge us to serve in places and with people different from ourselves.  And while this might be scary for some, we hear Jesus’ words “Do Not Be Afraid; I AM with you.” resounding in our hearts as we serve ALL of God’s children in need. 


We will be asking our Table Conveners to ask our Networks and Task Forces questions so that we will be able to raise the bar together! 

  • Who is missing from our leadership?  From this event?
  • If Jesus were to walk down your community’s “Main Street”, where would Jesus see the most critical need??  Should the church be there?
  • Are ALL of Gods children invited even the strangers and foreigners?
  • How might we dig deeper into our prayer life?, reading the Word?, listening to the Spirit?
  • How do we wade deeper into the waters of service to our neighbor?
  • What are our growth areas?
  • How can we offer safe space to discuss mental illness?
  • How can we work on listening to persons who have different opinions from ours?

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As of February 2021

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