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Stewardship for All Seasons : May 2021

Would your congregation like to participate in an opportunity to learn how to do year-round, on-going stewardship resulting in more money for ministry, more energized stewards, and develop a culture of generosity?

Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” [Matthew 6:21]. When we talk about treasures, we are able to talk about what is closest to the heart. This is one of the principles to cultivating generosity in Stewardship for All Seasons. The purpose of Stewardship for All Seasons is to guide pastors, deacons and congregation leaders to learn tried and true basic principles and effective methodologies to carry out productive stewardship programs. SAS is an opportunity to rely on more than the annual stewardship appeal and think stewardship development.

Rev. Mike Ward, author of Abundance: Creating a Culture of Generosity, Fortress Press [2020], leads our South Carolina Synod cohort groups.

Congregation fees are reduced for participating congregations because of the South Carolina Synod partnership and financial support given. Financial support for SAS is a Growing in God’s Mission Appeal initiative offered to all congregations.

The kickoff for Stewardship for All Seasons cohort groups, is scheduled in May 2021. For more information see the covenant attached or contact Rev. Ozzie Herlong Cell: (803) 360-1877 or

stewardship for all seasons covenant

Download the covenant.

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