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Report of the Bishop

By The Rev. Rebecca Wicker

As we dwell in our assembly theme, “Like Good Stewards,” we consider how the South Carolina Synod has embraced this over the past 200 years, lives into the theme today, and prepares good stewards for the future of the church. Throughout 2024, the South Carolina Synod has celebrated and will continue to celebrate its 200th anniversary. We recognize that there is much to be grateful for as we look back on the ways that Lutherans in South Carolina navigated changes and challenges and were called to be stewards of what they had.

Today, we look for ways to live into our synod mission statement, “Equipping church leaders to develop impactful faith communities and disciples of Jesus.” This has been lived out through partnerships, synod-wide learning events, and the strengthening of relationships both locally and around the world with our Synod companion Synods. As we go about our work with our Inclusiveness Network, celebrations with congregations such as Cristo Rey at the dedication of their new building, holy conversations and advocacy with justice ministries, and times of learning through Mission Toolbox events, we discover ways the Holy Spirit showers us with even more gifts for the future. We find giftedness in community, relationships, and generosity that will carry us forward to answer God’s call in the future.

Trusting in the Holy Spirit, we strive to prepare leaders in the South Carolina Synod for the unique ways we will be called to be stewards of God’s gifts, sharing the gospel of Christ’s love with the world. As we faithfully prepare candidates for rostered ministry, open up new ways of learning for lay leaders across the synod, and remain rooted in God’s word, we look forward to a day when all will know they are beloved children of God. As South Carolina Synod celebrates 200 years of ministry, we are excited to see where our relationships will carry us next.

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