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Pre Assembly Information Sessions

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Compensation Guidelines

This video is about an update of the compensation guidelines for rostered ministers in the ELCA South Carolina Synod. The Synod’s Compensation Guidelines Task Force revised the document to better reflect fair compensation for rostered ministers.
Here are the key changes addressed in the video:

  • Family Leave: The document was updated to include a broader family leave policy. This policy now includes leave for childbirth, family transitions, care for sick or aging family members, and death of a family member.
  • Base Salary Increase: The base salary for first-year, first-call candidates will increase by $3,000 a year over the next 3 years. This is to address inflation and make the salary more competitive with surrounding synods.
  • Salary Increase Per Year of Experience: The previous system provided a 2.5% raise per year of service, which could lead to unreasonable compensation numbers for ministers with many years of experience. The new system implements a decreasing percentage increase per year of experience. For example, the first year will see a 3.5% raise, and the raise will decrease by 0.1% each year until it levels off at 1.5% at around the 22nd year of experience.

Mission Funding/Spending Plan

This video is a pre-assembly session about the South Carolina Synod Finance Committee’s answers to questions regarding the 2025-2026 mission funding spending plan. The video is presented by Cindy Davis, the chair of the South Carolina Synod Finance Committee and Raymond Hendricks, Treasurer of the Synod.

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