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Join The Rev. Kathy Schibler, Regional Representative of Portico Benefit Services, on Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. for a webinar sharing about the mental health resources for rostered ministers from Portico Benefit Services.

For over 200 years, the Lutheran Church has supported the well-being of rostered ministers, social ministry organizations, and higher education.  Portico continues to honor that legacy by providing benefits that strengthen our overall well-being. 

We have all heard from colleagues who are stressed, anxious, feeling pulled by congregational and family members, fatigued from zoom and just plain tired.  Many sources of data have pointed to the rising need for mental health tools among rostered ministers and we have heard from our own Portico members in self-reported data.  During our time together, we will explore the mental health resources available to you via your Portico Health Benefits.

My name is Cathy Schibler-Keegan and married to Clayton Keegan who farms full-time.  We have three children, two have moved to Boulder and our youngest still attends college and works on the farm with his dad. I grew up outside of Cleveland Ohio and currently live a little further to the west of Cleveland, in Clyde, Ohio.  I attended Wittenberg University and during the summers worked at Camp Luther.  I had never anticipated becoming a pastor but the Holy Spirit kept nudging and pushing.  After a year of denial, I attended Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus Ohio and have been ordained to Word and Sacrament for 33 years.

I served 9 years as a solo pastor at Good Shepherd and was then called to the staff of the Northwestern Ohio Synod as an A2B.  After serving 19 years, I was then asked to join the team at Portico Benefits as the regional representative for all of Region 6, part of Region 7 (Upstate, Metro New York, New England, and Slovak Zion) and part of Region 9 (South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida/Bahamas).  In addition, I serve as a part-time interim with my dad at Trinity Lutheran Church in Sandusky, Ohio and serve on the Wittenberg Board of Directors.

To say that I am surprised how God has filled my life with such varied ministries – is an understatement!  My prayer for us during this time is to not loose site of the cross in the midst of what is going on around us and that we continue to be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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Phone: (646) 558-8656 Password: 8037650590

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