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Indigenous Peoples Accompaniment Network

Vision: “The Vision of The Indigenous Peoples Accompaniment Network is to learn and educate churches and other groups about the need to seek truth, justice, and reconciliation with all Indigenous Peoples in South Carolina, and practice accompaniment with Indigenous Peoples.”

You are invited to participate in The Indigenous People’s Accompaniment Network (IPAN), South Carolina Synod.   The IPAN started gathering in November 2019.  Clergy and non-clergy of the South Carolina Synod and other churches, Indigenous members of Tribes / Nations, and Indigenous heritage persons, from the South Carolina Synod and other churches, began gathering and prayerfully developed the IPAN Vision by consensus.  The Vision was approved by the SC Synod Executive Committee in 2020. We recommenced our gatherings in January 2023. We are now learning the first information we are planning to share with churches and community groups.

You are invited to participate in the IPAN gatherings.  If you are a member of an Indigenous Tribe or Nation, or of Indigenous heritage, or a non-Indigenous person, and interested in learning more about participation in the Indigenous Peoples Accompaniment Network, please contact me by email, phone, or text.  Our next gathering is Sunday, January 21, 2023, at Christus Victor Lutheran Church, 400 Harbison Blvd., Columbia, and via ZOOM.


Pr. Greg Moore

Facilitator, Indigenous Peoples Accompaniment Network, SC Synod, ELCA


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