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Elections | 2024 Synod Assembly

By The Rev. Lisa Isenhower

The 2024 South Carolina Synod Assembly elected 26 people to serve in various capacities in our synod.

The following persons were elected to serve on the Synod Council: Ellen Girardeau, Lay Woman—Northern Area; Megan Lineberger, Rostered Minister—At Large; Tex Davis, Lay Man—Central Area; Lay Woman—At Large, Nancy Appel; Lay Man—At Large, Bernie Lee; Rostered Minister, Eastern Area—Mary Finklea.

The following persons were elected to serve on the Committee on Discipline: Christopher Shealy, Rostered Minister, Man; Rebecca Lord Phillips, Rostered Minister, Woman; Ashley Leaphart, Lay Man; Karen Kasting, Lay Woman.

The following persons were elected to serve on the Consultation Committee: Nathan Rice, Rostered Minister, Man; Rachel Connelly, Rostered Minister, Woman; Calvin Harmon, Lay Man; Mary Ann Shealy, Lay Woman.

Two people were elected to serve on the Mission Endowment Fund Grant Committee, one lay man and one lay woman, Danny Koon and Lura Godfrey.

Rev. Rebecca Wicker was elected to serve as a rostered minister on the board of the South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers.

The assembly elected delegates to the 2025 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. Neal Fischer, Ron Walrath, and Hunter Prest were elected as lay men. Silke Pyrlik and Susan McArver were elected as lay women. Rev. Josh Knutson and Deacon Sarah Bowers will attend as rostered ministers, and Tatyanna Chapman was elected to attend as a young adult from our synod. Rev. Thulie Beresford was elected to attend as a person of color or person whose language is other than English.

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