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An Opportunity to Walk with our Brothers and Sisters in the Southwestern diocese of tanzania

Dear SC Synod Siblings in Christ,

I am excited to share with you an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters in the Southwestern Diocese of the Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

In 2019, a group of us from the SC Synod traveled to be with our Companion Synod friends for the Installation of their new Bishop, Stephen Nguvila. During that visit I participated in the dedication of a new addition to the clinic in Magoye and saw firsthand the need for improved medical care in this remote village. This entire area depends on this Clinic for all medical care, but they have no doctor. The good news is that they have hope. When this building is completely finished and equipped, an application can be made for a government doctor to be assigned to Magoye. This would be a true blessing for these people.

Our SC Synod Companion Team for Tanzania is seeking to raise $25,000 to properly equip and complete this clinic facility. We have already received some small donations, but the great news is that we have a donor who will match the next $5000 raised. I hope you will consider helping with this project by sharing this request, along with the fact sheet, with your congregation and taking up a special offering now so that we can get the matching funds that are available.

We hope to have the funds to complete this project by the end of this calendar year. Make your check out to the SC Synod – ELCA and in the memo please put “Tanzania Clinic.” Every dollar counts and donations, big and small, are graciously accepted.

Our Synod mission team will be returning to Tanzania in July 2023. We hope when they go that they will be able to see the completion of this clinic and perhaps participate in the dedication of the surgical unit. Thank you for your ministry in South Carolina, and for your consideration and contribution to this project which will extend your mission around the world.

South Carolina Synod Global Mission sponsors projects not only in Tanzania, but also in Japan and Colombia. If your congregation is not involved with one of our Global Companion Synods, I strongly urge you to become familiar with these global partner opportunities and consider regularly supporting one.

Together in Christ,

The Rev. Virginia S. Aebischer, Bishop

Fact Sheet on Magoye, Tanzania Clinic Request


The South Carolina Synod began a companionship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania’s Southwestern Diocese in 2002. Since that time various mission teams have visited and projects dealing with clean water, orphan support and facilities, schools, clinics, churches, and other items have been supported. In 2018, the government threatened to close the clinic in Magoye due to the poor and inadequate facilities.

At that time, Cathy Milejczak, SC Synod Companion Coordinator for Tanzania, secured a grant and a private donation to renovate and build an addition to the decaying clinic. This construction is now mostly complete and awaiting necessary equipment and furnishings for applying for a full time doctor. An equipped surgical operating room with a 10 bed facility is required for the Government to consider sending a trained doctor.

Estimated Cost of Equipment and Furnishings Needed for Completion:

Microscope    	$900                         Surgical Light   $175
Centrifuge     	$575                         Folding Screen   $180
Urine Analyzer   $1950                       10 Patient Beds  $1700
Semi Automated Chemistry Analyzer $900       10 Mattresses   $800
Blood Machine Photometer  $1000              10 Bedside Tables   $2000
Surgical Bed   $275                          Sheets and Blankets for 10 beds  $1000
Emergency Stretcher   $860                   Surgical Instruments and Supplies   $8000                 

Contact Information: Cathy Milejczak, Ph. 803 414 3995

Applications are available on our Synod website if you wish to serve on the 2023 Mission Team

If you wish to learn more about this Companion Synod Relationship
Cathy can arrange for a speaker/presentation for your congregation

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