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Gifts of Hope

A gift for every day of the year

Gifts of Hope is an alternative gift-giving program of the South Carolina Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Whether your gift is for Christmas, a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion – give gifts that really matter. Give HOPE!

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Purchasing your Gifts of Hope

The fastest and easiest way for most people to purchase Gifts of Hope is through your local congregation, either by speaking with a congregational representative or at a special event that highlights and encourages purchasing these gifts. Here are the four easy steps:

  1. Review the Gifts of Hope catalog to select your gifts.
  2. Download and fill out the form below.
  3. Remit payment to your congregation.
  4. Receive a card to give to the person in whose honor you’re giving this Gift of Hope.

Gifts of Hope Catalog

The Gifts of Hope Catalog for 2019-2020

Synod Remittance Form

For group orders from congregations 

Order Form

For individual orders

You may also purchase online as an individual if your congregation isn’t doing an event this year.

  1. Review the online Gifts of Hope catalog list below.
  2. Click here to Order Online.
  3. Select your Gifts of Hope gifts and follow the easy online instructions to pay by credit, debit, or bank draft. If you feel too uncomfortable using our online portal for a safe and easy payment, please contact Tiffany Pieters for further instructions.
  4. Return to to download and print the card to send to the person in whose honor you’re giving this Gift of Hope!

Gift Card

A gift card suitable for printing

Gifts that provide for DAILY NEEDS

1. Helping Orphans | JELC $30
Jia-ien is an orphanage and a home for the deaf and blind. Founded by Maud Powlas, a Lutheran missionary, this home is a model social service program started in 1919. Jia-ien can use your support in the day to day care of those who live there. Located in Kumamoto Japan, the sustained some damage in the April 2016 earthquake.

2. Lunch for a Volunteer | SCLRC $10
Camp Kinard and Coastal Retreat rely on the many talents and skills of our dedicated team of volunteers to complete various projects around these special places. Your gift provides for a meal during their day and is one way we can say thank you for all their hard work in giving back to this ministry of hospitality.

3. Walking Trail | NW $10
This gift will help with the expense of repairing the walking trail at Pioneer A. Trails at Lutheridge and Lutherock are always in need of repair and maintenance. Your gift provides, gravel, mulch, and water bars to help keep the site safe for walking through the woods. Walking on trails with friends is such a great way to build long lasting relationships and experience God’s gift of nature. Keeping the trail safe and user friendly is so important. Your gift will help provide funding for repair of these trails.

4. Hospice Care for Low Income Patients | LHSC $50
Lutheran Hospice relies on donations to cover the cost of providing care for patients who do not have insurance or qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. Your gift will be used to provide care or basic needs such as utilities, food, etc. for hospice patients with limited resources.

5. Supplies | SWDT $25
For the Orphanage in Tanzania – The orphanage is a ministry of the Women of the Church. Food, clothing, bedding and hygiene products are needed to care for these children. This gift will help provide for these needs.

6. Emergency Assistance for a Seminarian | LTSS $20
Help for Unexpected Emergencies – Seminary students run into unforeseen emergency situations like the death of a loved one, uncovered health expenses, and unavoidable car repairs. Your gift will help pay for expenses like bereavement travel and other unexpected expenses for a seminary student with financial need.

7. A New Beginning | LSC $40
Provide safe shelter and support services for men recovering from drug and alcohol addiction in LSC’s new Recovery Residence program located in Greenwood.

8. Lunch | LTSS $10
For a Seminarian – Your gift will provide one meal for a seminarian struggling with financial hardship.

9. Educational Support | SWDT $20
For the Youth in Tanzania – Tuition, uniforms, and supplies are required for the primary school children to attend school. Your gift will help provide a child with his or her necessities for a year.

10. Women’s Group Farm Project | SWDT $10
Your gift will help purchase chickens and pigs for the Women’s Group Farm Project of the South Western Diocese of Tanzania.

11. Support Craftmaking as Income in Colombia | IELCO $15
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Colombia supports a unique ministry with young adults who are deaf or have other physical challenges. They learn craft-making skills to earn money to support themselves and have greater independence. This ministry is called “La Vid Verdadero” (The True Vine). $15 will purchase some craft supplies for one of the participants.

12. Medical and Dental Supplies | SWDT $25
For Tanzania Clinic – People walk for miles to be seen in one of the clinics that serves thousands of people. Medicine and supplies are always in short supply. This gift will help meet the basic medical needs in this third world country.

13. Classroom Updates at Coastal Retreat | SCLRC $100
Each year, Coastal Retreat welcomes thousands of guests at the beach for times of spiritual renewal and fellowship. Your gift helps to replace worn out chairs and tables in the Hollinger Center classroom and ensures groups feel right at home while on retreat.

14. Malaria Prevention | SMTF $10
With a Bed Net – In many countries of Africa, a mosquito bite can cause malaria and possible death. Your gift provides a bed net treated with long lasting insecticide. It also provides education on its use to ensure that families are protected as they sleep.

15. Cafe Lutero in Medellin, Colombia | IELCO $25
The Lutheran mission congregation in Medellin, Colombia, operates a unique cafe on Friday nights, where people can gather to explore Lutheran theology as well as discuss social problems in Colombia with Pastor John Hernandez. In Spanish, Martin Luther is known as Martin Lutero. A gift of $25 will provide coffee and snacks for one Friday evening’s gathering.


16. Give Family Caregivers Renewed Hope | LHSC $20
Providing constant care for an older adult with poor health can result in the family caregiver becoming exhausted over time. Your gift will enable BeWell Home Services to provide a break for a family caregiver and time to renew his or her physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

17. Building a Brighter Future | LSC $25
Statistics show that many young people aging out of foster care are at an increased risk of homelessness, unemployment, unplanned pregnancies and incarceration. LSC’s Aftercare Program provides professional case management to help them beat the odds and successfully navigate young adulthood. Your gift will provide a young person with food, clothing, housing or other assistance needed to stabilize them and set them on the path to a brighter future.

18. Overnight Accommodations | LTSS $25
Non-residential students sometimes need to stay on campus overnight in order to complete concentrated studies. Your gift provides a one night stay over in the seminary’s commuter house.

19. Pool Resurfacing | SCLRC $30
One of the best things about coming to Camp Kinard during the summer is swimming in the pool! This time together in the water allows youth (and the young at heart) to cool off and enjoy just being a kid. Your gift will help fund the needed resurfacing of the pool for our many groups to enjoy into the future.

20. Textbook | LTSS $50
Required textbooks cost students over $750 per year. Your gift will provide one required textbook for a seminary student struggling with financial hardship.

21. Camp Opportunities | NW $20
Youth Camper – Grounded in basic leadership fundamentals and the spiritual leadership of Christ, the camping experience will help youth develop their own leadership potential in church, school, or even as a future counselor. Because of camp experiences, many go on to seminary and serve the church as ordained and rostered leaders. Your gift will provide scholarship assistance for camper programs.

22. General Student Aid | LTSS $50
For help with tuition and other costs related to seminary education. Your gift will offer assistance to a student in need of financial assistance.

23. Housing and Meal Assistance | NW $10
Each year volunteers come to Lutheridge and Lutherock to help get camp ready for the summer. Volunteers are an integral part of opening camp. Weekends are customized for work at the sites. Your gift will assist with housing, materials, and meals for volunteers.

24. Earthquake Damage | JELC $30
Kyushu Gakuin, a Lutheran high school in Kumamoto, Japan, suffered extensive damage to several buildings in the catastrophic 2016 earthquake. A gift to Kyushu Gakuin will help with the continued repairs needed in order to make the school safe for the students who attend this prestigious school.

25. Growing Relationships | JELC $30
Kumamoto, Japan, is home to two Lutheran high schools that have direct ties to the South Carolina Synod. In 2017, five high school students and one teacher from these schools attended Bishop’s School at Camp Kinard as a direct result from an invitation extended by our Global Mission Team. This exchange was amazing and positive. Your gift will help fund future exchanges to continue to grow our relationship with the JELC.

26. Welcoming the Stranger | LSC $25
LSC helps extensively vetted refugees fleeing war or persecution to build new lives in South Carolina with the goal of their becoming self-sufficient within 180 days of arrival. Your gift will help to provide education, support services and employment services to help these families make a new start and become contributing members to South Carolina communities.

27. Retreat Scholarship | SCLRC $50
SCLRC is proud to offer a number of opportunities for life-long learning throughout the year at Camp Kinard and Coastal Retreat. Your gift of a scholarship ensures that those otherwise unable to attend a retreat due to financial hardship can experience these holy spaces for God to change lives.

Gifts that BRING JOY

28. Help a Resident Look and Feel Better | LHSC $10
Older adults with limited resources who live in our Lutheran Homes communities often need financial assistance to purchase some of their
basic needs. Your gift will be used to purchase clothes and personal items or pay for a visit to the hair stylist or barber so a resident can maintain
his or her self-esteem.

29. Developing Youth Ministry w/ Colombian missionary in SC | IELCO $40
Rev. Alejandro Mejia is a mission developer of one of our three Spanish-language missions. One of the strong components of his mission of Nuestro Salvador (Our Savior) in Greenville is ministry with children and youth. A gift will provide a partial scholarship to send one of the youth leaders from Nuestro Salvador to the National Youth Gathering.

30. Summershine Camper Outing | NW $20
For Assistance with Camper Outings – For over 40 years, Lutheridge has provided a quality camping experience for mentally challenged youth and adults. This program enables these special campers to experience all the fun of summer camp. Your gift will provide outing money for a camper.

31. Gift of Grace | LHSC $25
For a Lutheran Hospice Patient – As Lutheran Hospice cares for patients and their families, staff members often learn about simple unfulfilled wishes that are still possible to achieve. Your gift will enable Lutheran Hospice to provide a gift of grace that fulfills one last wish that will make a difference in a patient’s last days.

32. Playful Learning| LSC $15
Provide educational and recreational supplies and equipment, such as books, games, puzzles and balls, for adults with developmental disabilities living in community-based homes. These supplies will not only provide hours of


Iglesia Evangélica Luterana de Colombia (IELCO)

IELCO is the South Carolina Synod’s newest companion synod relationship. IELCO has 14 churches and 5 missions in various parts of Colombia. Although IELCO is a small church it has made great strides in their work in the areas of environment, justice and human rights, HIV/AIDS, and education. Currently they have four Lutheran schools as part of the church and they are building a Lutheran School of Theology to better equip their pastors and laity in an understanding of Lutheran theology.

Japan Evangelical Lutheran Association (JELA) / Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church (JELC)

JELC/JELA is one of the SC Synod’s companion synods. JELC and JELA work in cooperation on many ministry programs including helping families rebuild their lives following the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that struck in March 2011.

Lutheran Homes of South Carolina (LHSC)

Lutheran Homes of South Carolina promotes the well-being of older adults by providing residential, health care and hospice services. The seven ministries of Lutheran Homes include five continuing care retirement communities—Franke at Seaside in Mt. Pleasant, the Heritage at Lowman in White Rock, Rice Estate in Columbia, RoseCrest in Inman, and Trinity on Laurens in Aiken; Lutheran Hospice in the Upstate, Midlands and Lowcountry; and BeWell Home Services in the Upstate, Midlands and Lowcountry.

Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC)

Each year, LSC works to bring healing and wholeness to children, adults, families and communities through accredited human service programs all across North and South Carolina. Founded in 1976, LSC is a joint social ministry of the North Carolina and South Carolina Synods of the ELCA. Learn more online at

Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary /Lenior-Rhyne (LTSS)

LTSS was established in 1830 by the SC Synod to train ministers to serve in Lutheran churches throughout the South, and today it remains the second oldest Lutheran seminary in North America. LTSS’s programs draw an ecumenical mix of students preparing for pastoral roles in Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, and other affiliated congregations, as well as in military chaplaincy. In 2012, the Seminary merged with Lenoir-Rhyne University, a Lutheran liberal arts university based in Hickory, North Carolina, and it now stands as the cornerstone of LRU’s College of Theology. For more information visit: or call (866) 921-1157.

NovusWay Ministries, Inc. (NW)

NovusWay Ministries (Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs, & Lutheranch) is owned and operated by the Florida-Bahamas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Southeastern Synods of the ELCA and serves all ages from the South Eastern United States. Its mission is to provide programs, opportunities, and places apart where all people can experience a Christ-centered community, grow in relationship with God and God’s creation, and be equipped for ministry. For more information, visit:

South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers (SCLRC)

SCLRC’s mission is to provide holy spaces for God to change lives. Operating Camp Kinard (Batesburg-Leesville) and Coastal Retreat (Isle of Palms), SCLRC opens their doors to hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals throughout the year where lasting memories are made for those on retreat. Learn more at

South Western Diocese Of Tanzania (SWDT)

The South Western Diocese is located in the southwestern corner of Tanzania in a remote mountain region. The Diocese was created in 1992 when the Southern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania was divided. There are approximately 18 parishes and each parish has several congregations. Tanzania is a very stable country, but very poor, with warm and friendly citizens. The Lutheran church’s rapid growth rate in Tanzania makes it one of the world’s fastest growing churches in East Africa.

Synod Malaria Task Force (SMTF)

The Synod Malaria Task Force is a group of pastors and lay people focused on raising awareness and encouraging participation of South Carolina congregations in joint effort with the ELCA to eradicate malaria in Africa.

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