Imagining Stewardship: Eight Important Questions

How can stewardship ministry be strengthened in a congregation?
What are the key questions that will focus congregational stewardship ministry on God’s word?
What are the key questions that will suggest year-round practices that will engage congregants and deepen the connections between faith and generosity?

Ventures in Growing Stewards – 2017

Ventures in Growing Stewards is a four part workshop series that develops a foundation for stewardship education, planning and year-round stewardship in the congregation. Congregations receive guidance on developing a Missional Spending Plan (Narrative Budget). Ventures focuses on the work that a Stewardship Committee or Team is doing in a congregation to grow well formed steward leaders and grow generosity. The pastor(s) and lay persons responsible for stewardship are invited to be workshop participants. Leadership for these sessions is provided by trained Stewardship Specialist using materials provided by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Office of Stewardship. Pastor Angela Jennings, Pastor, St. Timothy, Camden, serves as Ventures Leader.

Try-A-Tithe Sunday

Would you like to get a glimpse of what stewardship would look like in your congregation if each member gave from what they have?

Would you like to open up conversation on the concept of proportionate giving?

Ventures in Growing Stewards

Ventures in Growing Stewards is an effective four-part workshop series, created by the ELCA, that can help congregations develop a foundation for stewardship education, plan year round stewardship in the congregation, choose annual response methods and develop a Missional Spending Plan.