Zion Likes to Eat, and Likes Others to Eat too!

Zion/Lexington likes to eat, and they like others to eat, too! Over a dozen years ago, Zion began cooking and delivering a modest number of Thanksgiving meals to community shut-ins on a celebratory day when Meals on Wheels was not operating. Working with the County for a list of needy recipients, Zion has grown the feast in 2017 to over 1200 plates. What fun it is to laugh and sing as 60 turkeys are carved and combined with 38 gallons of peas, dozens of trays of dressing, cranberry, 60 pound cakes, and enough gravy to float a small boat! What a joy to deliver Thanksgiving to neighbors!


If I was told once, I was told at least five times that I HAD to write an article about the Woodchucks. Of course, I told each and every parishioner who mentioned this that I would be happy to do so but it would require some research on my part since I was not a Woodchuck nor was I at all familiar with the Woodchucks and their story. My initial research led me to the fact that a woodchuck was a member of the squirrel family and I was pretty sure that was not what was causing all of the excitement and the pressing requests. As it turns out, the Woodchucks at Messiah Lutheran Church in Mauldin are a unique group of approximately eight men who chop, split, sell, and deliver wood to anyone and everyone who needs it.

Service of Prayer for Healing at Faith in Batesburg-Leesville

On Thursday, September 21, Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church hosted a Service of Prayer for Healing for all members of the Batesburg-Leesville community that desired prayer for healing of any kind-of body, mind, spirit, or relationship. Around 50 people gathered in the sanctuary at Faith to pray, hear scripture, and sing together. Worshipers were invited forward to receive a blessing and anointing with oil for healing.

The Care Bag

An article in an investment magazine prompted Gail Stuart, a member of Messiah Lutheran Church in Mauldin, to bring comfort and hope to women undergoing chemotherapy and/or recovering from surgery. She started new ministry at Messiah called the “Care Bag” ministry.

Inspiration from a Thrift Shop Christmas Tree

During this year, members of Messiah Lutheran Church in Mauldin celebrated Messiah’s 50th anniversary in addition to celebrating the the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In so doing, many activities took place; however, there was one activity which was most probably “a first” among the Lutheran Churches in South Carolina.