A Christmas Message from Bishop Herman Yoos

This past week, in his article “What’s Wrong with Radicalism,” New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote some words that I think help frame the symbolism of Christ’s birth into the world for us today.

“We are living in an age of radicalism.” Both the radical right and the radical left “are more intent on denouncing the people they hate than on addressing the concrete problems before them.”

Where Two of Three are Gathered…

When was the last time you spent some intentional time in prayer with two or three others? For me it happened this fall when Pastor Ginny, Pastor Eric and Pastor Rick and I met at my house for a day of planning about how to best support and encourage our congregations of the South Carolina Synod.

A Pastoral Letter about Las Vegas

Our words fail us in light of this senseless tragedy that has claimed the lives of 58 persons and has wounded over 500 mostly young adults attending an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.

Lifelong Faith Formation

Her name was Mrs. Agnes. She was my third grade Sunday school teacher and as an 8 year old boy, she seemed to be at least 100 year old but was probably in her mid 70’s. In spite of the age difference, she loved each of her students and made us feel important to her and to God. Each Sunday morning she would begin by playing the piano and asking us to name some of our favorite hymns. “Jesus Loves Me”, Beautiful Saviour”, “This Little Light of Mine”, were frequent requests, but my favorite was “This is My Father’s World”. Whenever it was my turn to pick the hymn, that was my request and it still is one of my favorites today.