La jerga de la iglesia

Un mensaje mensual de la obispo presidente de la Iglesia Evangélica Luterana en América.

Una colega del Centro Luterano relató esta historia. Una amiga de ella que no asiste a ninguna iglesia vino a visitarla, y notó su calendario de Adviento. “¿Qué es el Adviento?” le preguntó. Una simple pregunta. Pero pronto mi colega descubrió que no era fácil de explicarle el Adviento a alguien que nunca había oído hablar de éste, pero que tampoco tenía un marco de referencia del mismo.

Church speak

A monthly message from the presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

A colleague at the Lutheran Center related this story. An unchurched friend of hers was visiting and noticed her Advent calendar. “What is Advent?” she asked. A simple question. But my colleague soon discovered it wasn’t that easy to explain Advent to someone who had never heard of it, but who also had no frame of reference for it.

A Christmas message from Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

I was driving to work one day thinking about my schedule – the meetings I needed to attend, reports I needed to finish, preparations for upcoming travel, email, phone calls, and making a grocery list in my head so that I could pick up what I needed for supper on the way home from work. All of a sudden, I found myself pulling into the parking garage at the Lutheran Center. I had driven the 9 miles to work and had no idea how I got there. I didn’t remember the traffic lights, the turns, the scenery – nothing. I had been so absorbed in what was coming up that I was completely oblivious to the present.