GraceWorks is July 16-21, 2017

South Carolina Synod youth and adults are invited to register for the fourth annual GraceWorks week of service July 16-21. The week kicks off with a Sunday night program and then runs 9-5 Monday through Friday with worship, service, learning and fellowship as together we put our hands to use for God’s work!

A Place for Growth

By The Rev. Eric Wolf

“Don’t let them pigeonhole you into youth ministry!” advised a seminary professor as we prepared for internship. What that professor meant was, “You’ll be doing many different roles in your ministry, so insist on getting a wider experience than working with one group in your internship congregation.” What a lot of us heard was, “Youth ministry isn’t really pastoral ministry.”

March is for Youth Ministry – Freed to Hear!

The Event (6th Grade) – March 18-19
Being in 6th Grade can be hard because it’s a year of transition. This is on the same weekend as the 7th & 8th Grade Winter Retreat, and begins on Saturday (information on the registration and RSVP forms). We will be using the same theme as that retreat! The Event @ Camp Kinard, 3/18-19 cost is $60 per person.

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