Hospitality and Transformation with God’s Creation

This is, and has been, the mission of the South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers at Camp Kinard and Coastal Retreat. It’s truly a lofty mission and our board of trustees and staff have wrestled for the past few years with how we are called to live into this vocation. With such incredible resources to offer at these special places, we want to ensure they are playing a vital role in helping individuals grow in faith within the SC Synod and beyond. And we believe the Holy Spirit is doing just that here at Camp Kinard and Coastal Retreat!

SHIFT: Three Big Moves for the 21st Century Church with author Mark Tidsworth

This page contains information discussed at the 2016 Synod Leadership Days. Specifically included are the videos with Mark Tidsworth discussing his book SHIFT: Three Big Moves for the 21st Century Church. These videos cover important cultural changes that all congregations are now learning to deal with. They focus on three core tasks: shifting from membership to discipleship models of being the Church; shifting from attraction to mission in our core ways of acting like the Church; and shifting from our disciples being seen as consumers of the church product, and instead becoming Sacred Partners in the mission, vision, and values of our faith lived out together. We are also including a worksheet to foster discussion.

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