I Think It’s Going to Leave a Mark.

A lady one might mistake as elderly and frail punched the mess out of my left shoulder about an hour and a half ago, and I am still feeling the love… literally.

I was sitting at the very end of a pew on the left side of the sanctuary as you face the altar, toward the back, and a sister in Christ punched me in the shoulder…hard…as she proceeded up the left side aisle towards a pew closer to the front of the church. She didn’t even bother to look back.

Messiah “came through” for the Homeless

Our Action, “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” (John 20:31)

Last week, the Upstate continuously endured temperatures below the freezing point. This was unusual in the Greenville area because it normally warms up some at sunrise and temperatures continue to rise during the day. A small (Via de Cristo) Reunion Group had their normal meeting at Messiah Lutheran Church on January 16 and the discussion led to the question, “How are the homeless coping in such unbearable weather?” Prayers were lifted up and guidance from God was sought. The talk continued and the conclusion came that action was needed. And that action had to be immediate.

Pocket Crosses

Diane Ablett Chairperson for Youth & Education at Springs of Grace Lutheran Church, Boiling Springs, SC, got the youth involved in a “thank you for your service project”.

Ramps: An Operation InAsMuch Story

The ramp ministry evolved from a project that was one of the early Inasmuch events about 10 years ago. In the early years, the team leader would visit the work site and create a list of materials to complete the project, and the volunteers measured, cut, and nailed to the best of our abilities.

Via de Cristo

Have you heard the term Via de Cristo? Have you heard the term Ultreya? Have you heard about re-union groups? Has your curiosity been peeked just a little here and there? Are you wondering if you are missing out on something? From personal experience, I can say, without a doubt, that I was “in the dark” regarding the Via de Cristo weekend. Then, at a Messiah gathering, I happened to sit beside Barbara, a good friend, who asked me if I had attended a weekend. I told her that I had not. From there, it was an explosion of excitement from Barbara. She said it was a wonderful experience and if I ever wanted to go, she would gladly be my sponsor. She went on to say that it was a tremendous life changing point in her Christian growth. Enough said! I wanted to go.

Zion Likes to Eat, and Likes Others to Eat too!

Zion/Lexington likes to eat, and they like others to eat, too! Over a dozen years ago, Zion began cooking and delivering a modest number of Thanksgiving meals to community shut-ins on a celebratory day when Meals on Wheels was not operating. Working with the County for a list of needy recipients, Zion has grown the feast in 2017 to over 1200 plates. What fun it is to laugh and sing as 60 turkeys are carved and combined with 38 gallons of peas, dozens of trays of dressing, cranberry, 60 pound cakes, and enough gravy to float a small boat! What a joy to deliver Thanksgiving to neighbors!