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Proposed Amendment to the Spending Plan

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*II. Recommends the “Mission Funding and Spending Plan Procedures (Budget Procedures)” to guide the adoption of the 2025-2026 Mission Funding and Spending Plan (Budget) for adoption by the 2024 South Carolina Synod Assembly.

Mission Funding and Spending Plan Procedures

Should a 2024 SC Synod Assembly (“Assembly”) voting member desire to propose amendment of 2025-2026 Mission Funding and Spending Plan (“The Plan”), the following procedures will be followed for a proposed amendment to be considered “properly submitted.”

  1. Any proposed amendment to The Plan that increases a current program’s expense allocation, or that adds a new current program expense allocation proposal to The Plan, must include a corresponding decrease in some other current program proposal in the same amount; or identify an increase in revenues to offset the proposed expense.
  2. Proposed amendments to The Plan must be submitted to the secretary of the synod by 9:00 a.m. on June 5, 2024.
  3. Each proposed amendment or resolution to amend must be submitted using the synod’s on-line form.
  4. Each proposed amendment or resolution to amend must be cosponsored by not fewer than ten additional 2024 Assembly voting members. The voting member submitting the proposed amendment or resolution to amend must provide the name and telephone number of each cosponsor.
  5. The Synod Finance Committee shall meet at 11:00 a.m. on June 5, 2024, to consider each properly submitted amendment proposal. Synod Finance committee shall prepare a recommendation concerning each properly proposed amendment after considering the implications of said amendment if adopted by the voting members of the Assembly.
  6. During the consideration of The Plan by the Assembly, the Treasurer or Finance Committee shall report on the implication of each properly proposed amendments or resolutions to amend The Plan. This report will contain a recommendation from the Synod Finance Committee to the Assembly voting members.
    Regarding Votes to Appropriate Funds not Approved by Synod Council:

Chapter S10.04.

Any proposal to appropriate funds, whether by amendment to the budget or otherwise, which is presented to a meeting of the Synod Assembly without the approval of the Synod Council shall require a two-thirds vote for adoption.

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