One of the things that has made LCY such an effective ministry over the years for helping our youth become leaders in the Church is that we’ve had a dedicated group of adult volunteers to help shape and form them, and encourage them to think about how they can live out their call to live in the light of the Gospel. Our volunteers who serve during events have helped many pastors discern their calls to ministry, and many congregational leaders understand what leadership in the Church looks like.

We’re looking for more volunteers always, and have a goal of at least 25% of our total staff for the year be new faces so that we can benefit from fresh ideas and fresh eyes, and provide a way for our synod’s youth leaders to enjoy being part of something bigger!

We also are a ministry that’s supported by congregational pledges in addition to our synod budget. A few weeks ago, we sent out a packet with a letter to your pastor, a letter to your congregation’s youth leader, and a pledge form. In order to send voting members to LCY Convention, each congregation needs to have a pledge on record for the school year.

If you haven’t seen any of those (or want to make sure the right people see them), here’s a link to the pledge form so you can print it and take it to your youth leaders, pastor, or youth group to talk about how to support our synod’s youth ministry.

If your pastor or youth leader haven’t seen the letters, they’re available here for download.

We’re so grateful that our ministry by, with, and for youth is supported by our congregations! LCY is our youth, and also those who support them!

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