Pass Resolution Against Racial Injustice

LCY-resolutionBy The Rev. Eric Wolf, Assistant to the Bishop for Youth and Young Adult Ministry

On June 18, 2015 our Youth Ministry Cabinet met at Newberry College to prepare for the arrival of 134 people for LCY Convention the next morning. This was a time of joy, but also a time of great sadness because nine African-American men and women — children of God — were martyred by confessed shooter Dylann Roof the previous day.

Our young leaders wanted to do something. We suggested they pass a resolution at LCY Convention in response to this, and their response was that they didn’t want to talk about it, but they wanted to do something. With only a little guidance, the South Carolina Lutheran Church Youth drafted a resolution in response to this tragedy that captures their horror in the face of this violent act, their determination that we can do better, and their intention to do something about it.

People lament over what “kids today” are up to. I present this resolution on their behalf as a statement about what kids today are really up to — working hard to solve the problems we’ve been working our whole lives to solve. Every day, I thank God for the youth of South Carolina, through whom God’s light is shining into even the darkest places in our hearts and this world. Thanks be to God for these amazing witnesses!

LCY Resolution Against Racial Injustice

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Resolution Against Racial Injustice was passed by the Voting Members of the 2015 Annual Convention of the Lutheran Church Youth of the South Carolina Synod, ELCA this 20th day of June by unanimous decision.