do-love-walkLast year we piloted online registrations and had a great response!

This year we’re moving all registrations online, and making a couple of changes to make it (hopefully) a little easier on our adult leaders who have to be in charge of getting the information out and the registrations in.

Medical Forms

This year we have one Medical Form for emergency medical information. This serves as an annual form and will be maintained in our records for all events for the entire year! This means that sensitive information can be filled out once at home by parents and updated once a year.

2015-2016 Medical Form

Event Registrations

Registrations last year were well received, but we received two consistent pieces of feedback – first, adult leaders didn’t know who’d registered and who hadn’t; second, people wanted earlier access to the packing list and retreat information.

This year our forms have been updated to require email addresses for congregational leaders of youth so we can easily send a confirmation to adult leaders when their youth register. Also, the Confirmation Letter for each event is included at the end of the registration! All you or parents need to do is copy and paste the information on the final page into a document, and save it or print it!

We still will send out an email reminder the week of the event like we did last year, but this puts the information in your hands immediately.

Below are links to click and shortened links to share for all our events through the Winter Retreats. The rest of our event registrations will be available after January 1.

Hand in Hand
Club 345
7th & 8th Winter Retreat
9th & 10th Winter Retreat
11th & 12th Winter Retreat

Leadership Forms

LCY is a place for leaders. Below are two forms. First, an application for youth who want to be leaders. Our core youth leadership is our Executive Council, consisting of a President, Chaplain, two 7th & 8th Grade Representatives, two 9th & 10th Grade Representatives, and two 11th & 12th Grade Representatives, plus adult Cabinet Chairs and Pastor Eric as the synod representative.

We also have leadership opportunities for both adults and youth! For our LCY Cabinet, each year we need one adult and one youth position per conference and one adult and one youth from both the African American and Hispanic communities, usually selected at LCY Convention during our Conference Caucuses. Also, we need youth and adults to staff our Conference Steering Committees in order to plan fall and spring gatherings in each conference.

Finally, we need adult staff for our retreats and LOVE Projects. We need adults of all sorts, and we also have a real need for pastors. If you’re interested in staffing events, here’s your chance!

Youth Leadership Application
Adult Leadership Form

We’re looking forward to a great year in LCY, celebrating the love and call of Jesus!