do-love-walkLCY Convention is our annual SCLCY event where Youtherans from around the state get together to elect our officers for the year and celebrate the ministry that youth in South Carolina do all year round, both in their congregations and with SCLCY!

This year we’ll have three Living Faith sessions to explore our theme,

  • The DO session will provide an experience to help our youth understand poverty and what the Church can do to alleviate it.
  • During the LOVE session, Cheryl Philip (Always Being Made New campaign) and Jessica Fairfax (World Hunger) from the ELCA will come to talk about their work and lives, and the youth will come up with ways they can work in their congregations to apply for grants and be advocates to relieve hunger in the world.
  • The WALK session will talk about how to walk the walk of love. We’ll be participating in service learning, and the youth will do a special project to benefit a children’s hospital. (More on the back)

Alathea will be our guest musicians!

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Click below to download this year’s LCY Convention Flyer!

2016 LCY Convention Flyer

2016 LCY Convention Flyer

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