Selma in Newberry

By The Rev. Matthew Titus, Redeemer, Newberry Yesterday, was a powerful day. I along with folks from the South Carolina Synod Office and a few leaders of the faith community here in Newberry were able to host a Selma Event. We gathered to watch the movie at the...

A Letter from Bishop Yoos in response to the recent shootings

How do we find the words to express the anguish that we as a nation are going through?

At a Selma movie event an African American man stood up and said, “Every time I get into my car, I wonder if will return home or be stopped for a traffic violation and be shot and killed.” An older white man with tears in his eyes said, “I can’t imagine living with that fear every day of your life.”

Selma Event in NE Columbia Area

You are invited to a community dialogue and Selma movie event. Join together with others from around the Northeast Columbia area on Sunday, February 28 at 3:00 p.m. at Journey United Methodist Church.

Come together to view the acclaimed more, Selma, and join in a time of shared fellowship, dialogue and Bible study as we seek to further break through barriers of race to build unity, increase understanding, and foster reconciliation in our communities!

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