Of Mustard Seeds and Children

According to a Kids Count survey, the state of South Carolina ranks 41st overall in a child’s chances of succeeding based on four key indicators: economics, education, health and family, and community. Last year we ranked 42nd so there is some slight progress even though more than a quarter of South Carolina’s children still live in poverty, about 289,000.

What difference if any can we make as Lutherans in the face of those statistics? We might be tempted to say nothing at all, but that is where Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed comes in. “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed which when planted grows to be the greatest of shrubs.” Matthew 13:31

Growing in God’s Mission Opportunity

A generous donor has pledged $20,000 for end of the year matching gifts to be used for South Carolina seminarian scholarship assistance. Our GGM Appeal goal was for $100,000 for endowment scholarships but we only received $60,000 for this need. Currently the average cost of one year of seminary is between $40,000 to $45,000.