“The Hate U Give” Movie and Discussion

By Beth Fulmer

The movie, “The Hate U Give,” tells the story of a teenager who lives in two worlds: the poor black neighborhood in which she lives and the mostly white elite school she attends. She is continuously going back and forth between these worlds until they finally collide with her witnessing the fatal shooting of her best friend by a policeman. Her name is Starr.

Powerful, significant, and thought provoking are just some of the adjectives that apply to this film. It addresses racism and our current culture. Although it is placed in a big city, every scene is relative to people everywhere.

Early in the story, Starr’s father explains to his children exactly how to behave if “pulled over” by a police officer. He goes on to make sure that they know that they could be stopped by the police for a reason or for no reason. The rules he shared apply to both situations.

This movie reflects reality and, like most situations, it’s important to look for those “God moments.” Throughout the story, God is challenging the characters. For instance, in one scene, two men rush into a burning building to save the occupants. In another scene, a small child is holding a gun on a policeman. (The child could have been shot.) Starr moves and stands between the child and the officer.

“The Hate U Give,” in its very stark realism, gives everyone a good shake when it comes to understanding race relationships. The bad language in the movie is the language that many teens use today; therefore, in spite of the bad language, It is definitely a movie that everyone should see.

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