By Rev. Lisa Isenhower

On Monday, Rev. Dr. Wayne Kannaday let the assembly in considering what Luther’s Small Catechism says about the Lord’s Prayer. He pointed us to Luther’s explanation of the second and third petitions of the prayer, where we ask that God’s kingdom might come and God’s will might be done. Luther’s words there remind us that God will bring the kingdom and God’s will is being done, but are we interested in being a part of God’s will being done? Are willing to let God’s will happen through us?

Dr. Kannaday asked us to consider what we are doing personally when we are scattered out into the world of our work and life, or what our congregations are doing in our gathered ministries together to be an answer to the very prayer we are praying for God’s will to be done.

At the end of our conversations around those questions, Dr. Kannaday led the assembly in praying that we will allow God’s will to be done in our lives, work and play; in our church labors, in our church service, our church worship, but also in our daily walk. We prayed that God’s will might be done in Charleston, in our SC Synod, in our nation, in our families, and in our hearts.

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