Report of the election for Vice President

By Rev. Lisa Isenhower

During Thursday’s opening plenary session, SC Synod Secretary introduced a recommendation for a new bylaw in the SC Synod Constitution that that would require that the terms of Bishop and Vice President be staggered so that the terms of the bishop and vice president would not expire in the same year. He explained that this bylaw would allow continuity and provide a smoother transition for our synod’s leaders. He also explained that Secretary of the ELCA, Chris Boerger, has reviewed and approved the proposed bylaw.

The new bylaw was presented as a recommendation for assembly action and reads as follows:

“S8.51.01. The terms of office of the bishop and the vice president shall be arranged so that the terms are staggered and do not expire in the same year.” After some discussion for and against this new bylaw, the assembly passed the resolution to amend the constitution.

Following the vote to approve the new bylaw, the assembly discussed the continuing resolution that would guide the synod in implementing the new bylaw. The continuing resolution was presented as a recommendation for assembly action and reads as follows: “S8.51.A19. The 2019 South Carolina Synod Assembly shall implement staggered terms for bishop and the vice president by conducting an election for the vice president of the synod for a term of six years expiring 2025. This resolution expires upon implementation at the 2019 South Carolina Synod Assembly.” After further discussion of the continuing resolution, the question was called, and the assembly voted to approve the continuing resolution that allows the assembly to elect a Vice President this year.

Following this vote, the conduct of elections committee provided the first (ecclesiastical) ballot for vice president of the South Carolina Synod. Chaplain Chris Fischer led the assembly in prayer that we might be faithful in the work before us.

On Friday morning, the second ballot for vice president was distributed, with twelve names on the ballot: Lexanne Graves, Sarah Bowers, Charlie Davis, Jeffrey Stringer, Ernest Beck, Marty High, Dallas Shealy, Craig Balch, Wanda Connelly, Robert Epting, Donna Hatcher, and John Kinard.

On Saturday, June 1, after 5 ballots, Lexanne Graves was re-elected as Vice President of the South Carolina Synod. She will serve a six-year term ending in 2025.

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