By Michael Kohn

NaCl. The chemical name for salt. Two elements that come together seamlessly to form a delicious seasoning. Holy Spirit, Charleston is a unified congregation formed out of the union of St. Andrew and Holy Comforter, and this congregation hosted a group of voting members from the 2017 Assembly for worship and supper.

The tour of Holy Spirit’s new sanctuary took the visitors’ breath away with its resonance. Observing the beautiful, full pipe organ occupying the balcony regally, the group actually got to hear the restored Steinway piano named Sarah.

The tour of the sanctuary evolved into dinner and worship in the fellowship hall where links with fellows from across SC were established and where worship participants could enjoy singing together and sharing how God uses us — rank and file garden-variety Lutherans — as salt and light.

Food, music, liturgy, and fellowship all combined for hospitable worship, just as happy chemicals form salt or two inclined congregations might combine for a greater whole.

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