By Ron Walrath, Project Coordinator

As Project Coordinator of the South Carolina Synod Electronic Giving Project, I am reporting on the project’s beginnings, goals and results to date. Initial findings indicate that there was a pent up demand for electronic giving in project congregations. Year-over-year electronic giving in project congregations increased 34% in congregations that added credit and debit card processing to existing electronic check services and electronic giving transactions increased by 61% in those congregations. Also noteworthy is that 2/3 of the dollar increase has been via electronic check and only 1/3 via credit or debit card. Results have been widely mixed with one congregation experiencing a 103% increase in electronic giving dollars while others have been flat or even slightly reduced. A full report will be provided after the project ends December 1, 2017.

The project is a Growing in God’s Mission Initiative. The Stewardship of Life Institute, Gettysburg, awarded the South Carolina Synod $3,000 to pay the cost of VANCO Payment Solutions charges. The award is paying the charges for twelve participating congregations for one year.

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