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What is the Rostered Leaders Support Committee?

What is the Rostered Leaders Support Committee?

This committee is under the umbrella of responsibility of the Ministry Team of Rostered Leaders, and it works to provide support of rostered leaders in the South Carolina Synod of the ELCA in several ways. A number of the members of the Ministry Team of Rostered Leaders work on the various projects of this subcommittee.

A major responsibility is the annual preparation of compensation guidelines which are approved at Synod Assembly and offered to help and guide congregations in determining salary and benefits for leaders. Deacon Lexanne Graves, Assistant to the Bishop Ginny Aebischer, and Rev. Jason Antley have worked to fine tune this document. As a part of our support for rostered leaders, we have held compensation workshops in the Midlands and Upstate to help familiarize people with the new Compensation Excel Spreadsheet found online. We also continued to look at some specific areas that could improve the Compensation Guidelines, with the help of many lay and rostered leaders who brought us feedback and suggestions.

The committee has also worked to encourage rostered leaders to be more active in developing healthy lifestyles. Through the efforts of many to contact rostered leaders both by email and telephone, the SC Synod was again successful in meeting the goal of having 65% of eligible persons taking a Mayo Clinic online health survey, which allowed all rostered leaders on ELCA healthcare to receive a 2% deduction on premium costs.

This subcommittee also administers funds for providing counseling services to rostered leaders and their families when necessary (many have access to these services through their ELCA health plans).

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