By Michael Kohn

Latinos.AnglosWhat a way for you and your congregation to spend a spring Saturday in outreach! Latinos and Anglos work side by side clearing the land for Cristo Rey Lutheran, Lexington.

Cristo Rey, a fast-growing and spirit-filled Latino congregation in the SC Synod, initially hosted and shepherded by St. David’s/Lexington, is now planning to build, and you can help! Volunteers will be working to clear the land this spring and prepare for initial modules this summer.

PisgahYouthThere’s a job for everyone! Pisgah youth, pictured here, were a major force on the first workday. You and your fellow members are invited to join in the next scheduled Saturday workdays, 10:00 – 1:00:

April 2
April 16 (in conjunction with Operation Inasmuch)
May 7
May 21

Bring your work gloves, wheelbarrows, chainsaws, lops, sun protection, and a willing, eager heart! For more info, email or call 803.609.KOHN [5646].




gladis-solis-daughterGLADIS SOLIS (Member of Cristo Rey’s Council):
Necesitamos de la iglesia para que nuestros niños y niñas puedan ser bautizados, presentarlos, hacer su primera comunión y confirmación. También podemos hacer nuestros matrimonios, que es algo importante.

Para mi hija es valioso que ella tenga principios desde pequeña, para que se vaya acostumbrando a los principios que debemos tener en la iglesia.

Ahora con la construcción de la Iglesia Cristo Rey Se logra el sueño de tener nuestra propia iglesia y podemos contar con espacio propio para nuestras actividades.

We need the Church for our children to be baptized, presented to God, do their first communion and confirmation. Also we can celebrate our marriages, and this is important for us.

To my daughter it is important that she can have principles since childhood, to get used to the church’s principles.

At this time, when we are building the Cristo Rey’s Church, we are reaching the dream of having our own church for our activities.

julio solis and wifeJULIO SOLIS (Member of Cristo Rey’s Council):
A mi familia la iglesia le ha aportado que ahora estamos más unidos y hemos aprendido bastante de Dios, nos ha cambiado la vida en un sentido espiritual.

La iglesia nos ha permitido conocer más gente, podemos ser así comunidad y eso es lo que necesitamos.

Tener una iglesia como Cristo Rey es importante porque es una iglesia de hispanos, creo que va a ser la primera iglesia de la comunidad latina en Carolina del Sur y va a ser para nuestro crecimiento espiritual.

Teniendo un lugar propio vamos a hacer las cosas que realmente necesita la comunidad, la iglesia va a ser nuestra y podremos disponer de ella cuando sea necesario.

The church contributed to our family in such way that now we are more united and have learned much more of God. This has changed our lives in a spiritual sense.

The church has allowed us to know more people, we are part of a community and that’s what we need.

Having a church like Cristo Rey is important because it is a Hispanic church; I think it will be the first Latino church in South Carolina and it will improve our spiritual grow.

Having a proper place we are going to do things that the community really needs, the church will be ours and we can use of it when it be necessary.

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