By Rev. Daniel Rift, Director of ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeal

elca-waterDuring Holy Week, we give thanks to God for one of the most sacred resources on earth: water.

Everyone needs clean, safe water, but nearly 1 in 10 people around the world lives without access to it. Will you help change that with a gift to ELCA World Hunger?

Gifts to ELCA World Hunger help support 78 water-related projects in 36 countries, including the United States.

For residents of Porterville, Calif. the five-year drought affected all aspects of their lives. Gifts to ELCA World Hunger helped support the installation of a local water system. The water system meant members of this community no longer had to worry about how they would shower, flush the toilet or cook.

“If it wasn’t for churches, businesses and individuals who stepped up, many of the people would still be hurting. Know that because of neighbors helping neighbors, it has made a huge difference.”

– Elva Beltran, Porterville Area Coordinating Council

We give thanks for the work in California and now turn to Flint, Mich., as we walk with our brothers and sisters affected by the water crisis. Be the neighbor that helps neighbors today with your gift to ELCA World Hunger.

You can get your congregation involved in learning about the water crises with the Walk for Water Do-It-Yourself Track Experience, bringing participants into the story of a person without access to clean water. Find discussion guides, posters, signs and a new Flint, Mich., track.

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