By Frank Bouknight

I have been reading passages in Exodus regarding the presentation of the Ten Commandments to Moses. Exodus 24:9 states that Moses, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu and Seventy of the Elders of Israel went up and they saw the God of Israel. As the story goes then Moses went up on Mt. Sinai and spent forty days receiving the Ten Commandments. Here is what I find interesting: Aaron had spent a lot of time with Moses and had seen the miracles in Egypt, in the desert and now had seen God, yet forty days later he was making a golden calf for the people of Israel. I can’t help but think about the old cliché “what have you done for me lately”. I find this to be true today. No matter how many times we see God at work we tend to forget all that He has done for us.

Our goal at the South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission (SCLMM) is for every man to have a bold, daring relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this by equipping our men to show Jesus every day in an unconscious way, in other words, without even thinking about it. It is not an easy task and yes, like Aaron, we do tend to lose our way quickly. The only way to stay focused is to surround yourself with persons of peace, who believe in Jesus Christ and prune those that are holding you back.

Many people are fed up with the traditional church as we know it and seeking more meaningful to fulfill their spiritual fix. SCLMM is challenged to provide both young and old men with a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. Not with programs, but with relationships and actions.

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