St. Philip, Myrtle Beach takes part in God’s Work. Our Hands. Sunday

By Shanna Cisson

Members of St. Philip Lutheran Church, along with members of Messiah Episcopal Church who share worshiping space, honored local Fire Departments #2, #5, & #6 on 9/9 by hosting a breakfast to say “thank you” for their service to our community. The men and women of the Fire Departments were treated to a home-cooked southern breakfast and some good-old-fashioned fellowship and shared God’s love. Active and retired Military, EMS personnel, and Active and Retired Fire Department Personnel were invited. For over 50 years, St. Philip has had a pre-school and the teachers, parents, and students were also invited to participate in this celebration.

“We are blessed to live in a community served by so many dedicated people. God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday is a day when we get to say ‘thank you’ to those who serve us, show our appreciation to them, and offer our sincere gratitude through serving them,” said Rev. Jason Lee, pastor of St. Philip Lutheran Church.

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