St. Peter’s Abundant Gift of Quilts

By Marla Fabian

Synod Communicator, St. Peter’s, Pawleys Island

Back in 2009 church member Jane Rud invited others from St. Peter’s, Pawleys Island to meet and discuss a quilting group. Jane had been involved with quilting for years and it was a personal talent and joy in her life. She knew it was a gift to share and a way to spread warmth and love in the name of Jesus Christ. “God’s work, our Hands.” Her enthusiasm caught on and a group of St. Peter’s ladies started to meet once a month to learn how to make a quilt.

Fast forward to 2018 and the St. Peter’s quilters have produced over 500 quilts. The last bunch was just blessed during worship on Sunday, November 18th. (See picture.) Over the years the quilts have been given away in many ways. 25 large quilts each year get sent to Lutheran World Relief, and then on to those who need them in third world countries. Locally, the quilts have gone to the Georgetown Family Justice Center to mothers and children escaping abusive homes, to several local nursing homes for bed & wheelchair lap covers, to families moving into new Habitat for Humanity homes, and to sick church members and friends. Special quilts have been made for each newly baptized, and other ones go to each high school graduate to keep them warm in their dorm room. They have been given as gifts of appreciation for special people and occasions.

Through the years Jane and her quilters have received endless amounts of fabric donations. Jane says “from small pieces to some several yards in length, they just keep on appearing!” Sheets and light blankets have also been donated. In fact the only money spent has been to purchase some batting and for personalized St. Peter’s Lutheran Church labels. Word has spread and ladies of the Grand Strand Quilters and the Coastal Carolina Quilters now donate finished quilts.

The St. Peter’s quilt group includes women who have never sewed before, but they cut and lay out the fabric squares, pin them, and tie lots of knots! Others bring in their sewing machines and put together the squares. And, some women do the hand stitching to finish off the bindings of the quilts.

The quilters meet most Monday afternoons now in a permanent room in the church Family Life Center, and women help on a ‘drop in’ basis. Sometimes a dozen come together. Sometimes it can be a few more or less. Some are church members and some are friends who want to help. Whatever time can be given each week is appreciated and all are shown a way to participate.

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