IMG_5887By Rev. Tony Metze, St. Paul’s, Columbia

Storms can displace lives, but St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is providing a place for two schools while they rebuild after the floods. St. Paul’s two new guests are Timmerman School three, four and five year olds and the Autism Academy. They add these new guests, while continuing the work of their long standing Child Care Ministry. One school is upstairs, one is in their basement and the Child Care on the first floor. The echoes of children’s voices literally surround the building and it is truly a very pleasant noise. Providing a safe and secure learning environment, assisting with local schools, is important for ministry and is one of the South Carolina Synod’s mission initiatives.

The needs in the aftermath of this flood are great and each Church is called by God to respond as they are able with the gifts and abilities they have. In addition to providing a place, St. Paul’s is responding with emotional, spiritual, physical and financial support. On the following Sunday after the floods, St. Paul’s members were given three opportunities to offer financial support – Lutheran Disaster Response, South Carolina Synod Relief and a dedicated fund targeted to current members adversely affected. The most important way, however, is for each member of every congregation to donate time and resources for our neighbors affected by the flood. The Church of Jesus Christ is strongest when every member participates in its mission.

Find out more about how you can help here >>

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