Rich Learning Update: Week Two in Salters

By Dr. Rich Melheim

We finished our two-week pilot in Salters, SC, last night with a fun “show” for parents/grandparents/community. We have lots of video of the kids in the who singing, dancing and acting, of thankful parents testifying to how much their kids learned in such a short time, and of our host Dottie saying she wants us back for 7 weeks next year, and telling of a “miracle I saw in Malcom (a troubled kid) over just two weeks.” I’ll post a link to that later this weekend.

Thanks to Dottie and our host homes set up by Pastor Greg, we enjoyed many wonderful meals together, and now thanks to Pastor Brad we’re on the beach for a couple nights and getting ready to hop on a boat for some R&R today.

We did lose one teacher mid-week due to a medical issue, but one of our teachers from Wisconsin got on the phone and found us an instant replacement.

Tomorrow we worship at Shepherd of the Sea, then it’s on to Allendale for the full 7 weeks and the evaluation by Dr. Montana Cain of USC.

Thankful for you all, especially Bishop Herman Yoos and the SC Synod/ELCA.

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