Rich Learning Report from Allendale

From Dr. Rich Melheim:

We’re down to our last 2 of 9 weeks in South Carolina doing our arts enrichment for little children. I’m home in Minnesota until Wednesday for my annual medical tests and some meetings, including interviewing prospective grant writers and meeting with a strategy consulting firm to help us determine next steps after we wrap up August 3 with our show in Allendale, then look to the future.

I’m attaching a brochure for the August 3 show at the Carolina Theater. Please pass this on to anyone who you think might enjoy it, plus anyone who you think might enjoy a paid summer internship next year doing this.


Instead of me doing the report this week, I’ll just share what our Director Sky Noblezada wrote up for you on Friday.

Hi Friends,

We had an AWESOME week!! At least 23 children every day!! (:

All of them learning quickly, and a handful even crying at the end of each day not wanting to leave to go home! The team has been super and everyone continues to work really well together.

Just about all paperwork has been completed on Dr. Montana Cain’s evaluation, minus a couple of pre-program parent evaluations. However, because we’ve had so many children we still have not had a chance to complete all the interview videos and will try to have those all completed by the end of next week.

I was able to speak with Jessica Orr (?) about the theatre and she is helping us get situated with sound and lighting we will need for the August 3 show. She is very excited to have us and is looking forward to the show on Aug. 3 as well!

Because we’ve had such a successful but tiring week, I am taking the team up to Columbia tomorrow for the day to treat themselves. (I also hope to get the car cleaned and oil changed) !

Hoping you are well, and we look forward to having you back as we prepare for an awesome finale to another great summer!

Download the brochure for the performance.

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