By Elliot Cox, Hospitality & Communications Coordinator, South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers

coastal-retreat-prayer-gardenLast September, members from Reformation Lutheran Church (Columbia, SC) visited the Isle of Palms for their annual fall beach retreat and a time of fellowship and renewal. During their stay at Coastal Retreat, those attending worked together to construct a prayer garden complete with benches, cedar cross, alter, and container filled with “prayer rocks”.

Gloria Preslar, a member of Reformation, shared that the goal for the project was to create a space where guests at Coastal Retreat could go to pray, read, or just sit and contemplate.

“Tim Bupp and Bill Eiwen built an altar and cross for this area out of cedar,” said Preslar. “We [also] have a large container of flat rocks that are kept in an urn like container. Folks can take one of the ‘prayer rocks’ and hold it while they are meditating and praying.”

Several of the benches surrounding the prayer garden were given in memory of Harold Crout, Annie Ruth Huffstetler and Larry Preslar, with others being constructed in honor of Christine White – a current resident at the Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina and former leader of their retreats.

“We are always looking forward to spending that first week of September at Coastal Retreat,” continued Preslar, “and like to leave something behind that reminds us on our next visit about what a great time we had and to enhance the center as well.”

We appreciate the special work that the Gloria Preslar, Charles Joye, and members of Reformation Lutheran Church completed during their stay and look forward to welcoming them back later this year! If your group would like to complete a project during their event at Camp Kinard or Coastal Retreat, we invite you to contact our main office today!

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