Israel_Sea_of_GalileeBy Laura Dunklin

When you think about it, in various forms, water plays a prominent role in the Bible. In the beginning, the Spirit moved over the waters. Noah built the ark to survive the flood. Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River and much of his ministry was centered around the Sea of Galilee. Most importantly, we are all claimed as children of God in the waters of Holy Baptism. For me, visiting the Sea of Galilee was a very special part of the trip to the Holy Land. I was asked to read the story of Jesus calming the storm on the boat ride and as I read the words, “Peace! Be still” I was moved in thinking of all ways Jesus brings peace to the storms of our lives. After reading scripture, we soaked up the beauty of God’s creation in the sunset over the sea. I am thankful for such a renewing time to reflect on the water that was so important to Jesus’ ministry.

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