by Diana Edis

I went to the Holy Lands expecting to learn, expecting to see, but not really expecting to have a deep spiritual experience. I guess it is better when you expect nothing and gain the world. When we approached the Western Wall, the Wailing Wall, I was intrigued. Men were on the larger side, women on the smaller. I entered that smaller side feeling like an interloper into another’s land. There were women there praying at the wall, Jewish women. They were intent on their prayers. I was hesitant to squeeze in amongst them as I was not Jewish. But there came an opening in the long line of women. I approached. I stood facing the wall that millions had faced over the years and I began to pray. I prayed for my family, for my church, for the world. I moved closer and closer to the wall until I reached out and touched it. I felt as if I were touching the roots of the earth. Deep calls to deep. And I found myself there. I found my place among the faithful, amongst the beloved of God.

Originally printed in the May-June 2016 edition of the South Carolina Lutheran. Subscribe today for only $10 for six issues a year by calling the office at 803-765-0590.

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