By Kara Beck, NovusWay

Maybe it’s the hand that picks you up when you fall, maybe it’s the kind wave from a stranger, or maybe it’s the hand that takes your own and leads you to a place of refuge, to a place of love, a place that we call NovusWay. The Holy Spirit’s presence is made known in gestures of love, touches of inclusion, and hands doing God’s work. NovusWay, a ministry of four Lutheran camp sites: Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs, and Lutheranch, understands that the Lord works through hands of all sizes, shapes, and colors.

In 2016, we invite you to extend YOUR hand in friendship through a new initiative “Reach Out! Connect!” In a divisive society, NovusWay is seeking to be proactive in helping Lutheran congregations extend societal boundaries, and welcome new people to their congregations and to our Christ-centered communities peppered throughout the Southeastern United States. You are encouraged to help extend our Lutheran cultural boundaries by way of “Reach Out! Connect!” to welcome more people of all ethnic backgrounds to find their way to your congregation and to a NovusWay site. The intent is for congregations or individuals to invite neighboring congregations or individuals of a different race or cultural background to come to camp WITH them to build new relationships. When congregations take part in this program, the group they invite will receive a 50% discount on their registration cost! NovusWay is very grateful to St. John’s Lutheran Church, Spartanburg, SC, who just donated $1,500 to support eight youth from the upstate of South Carolina from the Hispanic Mission Congregation to attend a week of camp at Lutheridge, already whole-heartedly supporting “Reach Out! Connect!”

DSC01030-2While separated by geographical bounds, NovusWay’s separate sites share a number of life-changing characteristics, holding special places in the hearts of those who frequent them. Join us in “Reach Out! Connect!” this year to help bridge the gap of cultural division and build lasting relationships within your community. Reach out knowing that God will help you connect with others.

For more information, please contact Kara Beck, Social Media/Publication Specialist, at kbeck@novusway.org or (828) 209-6312!

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